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Personal trainer Warsaw Marcjan Piotrowski

IFBB Personal Trainer in Warsaw, MPhEd,
Conditioning and Swimming Coach
Excercise Therapist


Nice to welcome You to my website. I am a fitness and personal trainer in Warsaw with more than 8 years work experience

I graduated in Master Studies in Physical Education at The Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw. I follow the maxim:” if you don’t progress with your  knowledge and skills you will face failure”. Following this maxim I obtained several certificates and diplomas by participating in workshops in my field. I want to give the best methods and the best possible service to improve my clients’ health, posture, body composition and sport performance.

I had occasion to develop my experience cooperating with medical clinics in Warsaw and obtaining knowledge from workshops with Professor Lasse Thue (IAME) and  Ph.D Physiotherapist Ryszard Biernat ( Biernat Physiotherapy Clinic in Olsztyn).

Currently You can schedule appointments and training sessions  with me in ,,JustGym” Gym and  WUM swimming pool.

Why would you start cooperation with a trainer?

A personal trainer will help you to achieve your sport goals in the optimal fastest time using his knowledge and experience. Are you struggling to achieve satisfactory sport results ie: fat loss, muscle mass, strength improvement, posture correction? With a personal trainer you have a warranty to achieve your planned goals. You perform your training safely and properly according to your purpose, health status and past injuries.

Additional motivation is an asset. A personal trainer will give you advice to overcome your doubts and recommend a good diet plan according to your needs.

Try your first personal training and consultation for free* and give yourself a chance to feel the difference and get maximum benefits.
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To schedule a personal training or to get more information please contact me in Polish or English at 690- 901- 907 or email me on 

Medical fitness training

After surgery, for pain treatment, to correct posture

Diet composition

Fat reduction, Muscle mass gain, Performance enhancement


Relaxational and pain healing massage

Body composition improvement

Fat reduction, Muscle mass development

Swimming lessons

For adults and children + correctional swimming

Motor skills development

High jump, strenght, endurance improvement

Any questions? Contact me. Fill in the form

    • ➡Mon, Wed, Fri - Just Gym 6.30 - 20.00 ➡Swimming Lessons - scheduled in available terms ➡Weekend - OFF
    • ➡Just Gym - Józefa Piusa Dziekońskiego 1 , Mokotów, Warsaw ➡WUM Swimming Pool - Księcia Trojdena 2C, Ochota, Warsaw
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