Swimming lessons in Warsaw


I welcome you on my website. I deliver swimming lessons in Warsaw.

I am Certified Swimming Instructor and Coach, MPhEd, Personal Trainer with more than 8 years experience.

I deliver swimming lessons: individual or in pairs, all swimming styles, at each skill level.
I deliver also basic swimming skills: turns, starting jumps, diving, slides, proper breathing. All these swimming elements are crucial to feel effortless in water and fully enjoy an assets from swimming.

For having a fun, classes with children are given mostly in form of games.

I teach with the idea of Total Immersion used by top swimmers.

If needed I use underwater cam recordings for better technic analysis and faults interpretation.

Classes are scheduled via a direct call to me. Classes are in available hours and present conditions on lanes.
Swimming classes are given on WUM Swimming Pool at Księcia Trojdena 2C in Warsaw.
Other places are also possible.

The best times for lanes availability is from morning hours till 4pm.


Swimming lessons include:

All swimming styles

Breaststroke, Back crawl, Front crawl, Butterfly

Time laps improvement

Lap time and cumulative time

Basic swimming skills

Diving, Sliding, Breathing, Start jumps

Correctional swimming

For posture improvement and for pain treatment

Any questions? Call or email to me!

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